Just wanted to post up some pics of a couple of sleeve tattoos by Anthony Hunter of Victorian Tattoo Waikiki a tattoo shop in waikiki out in Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii

These tattoo sleeves were tattooed over a couple years starting at Aloha Tattoo in Kailua Hawaii and finished up at Victorian Tattoo Waikiki in Waikiki Beach Hawaii. The elephant theme sleeve tattoo is comprised of a mama elephant coming around a rock wall which served as a cover up, and a baby elephant drinking from a pond which leads through some grass and ends over a waterfall. The bottom part of the elephant sleeve tattoo is comprised of some tropical fish swimming and feeding in the coral and seaweed. I especially had fun with the shale like cliff which gave it some nice texture and depth. The other tattoo sleeve is of a merman and pirate wench lovers theme. Some other features included are a pirate treasure chest with a globe the merman is presenting to the pirate wench as a gift, a sinking ship in a storm and a giant squid.  A nice ending to a tattoo that spanned two great tattoo shops in hawaii. Thanks for looking and i hope you enjoy! Any feedback or comments are appreciated. Aloha!!Image


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